Tiểu Thiếp

Chương -12

Then she thought to something quite serious: cottage business cards she just "blowing around," if she "No pulse is blowing," says perhaps tomorrow or the day she will be a widow, if the Raw Family no good can catch her for punishment, all thoughts are poured on top resentment of her, though not blame her, for she would not countenance good.

Right now eyes the more I think the more desperate Vi, a creaking door known then opened, then she heard footsteps approaching.

eyes Vi sat straight away.

"I'm really sorry, because binary shift a bit uncomfortable, so make a black soot." Comes with a gentle voice, his eyes wide veil of other people have also been used Vi value desirably blow down.

Paint his face because fasting is not looked evaluate a self-proclaimed little "sister," this, just raised his head, her beautiful eyes and a sharp no appointment that met, then the two of them at the enemy in the eye to see the surprise and applause.

She estimated the immediate shifting of the same age with Vi eyes, the face of the bar bounce continuous, compassionate person, even with the stick you sent that gas previously unprecedented Vi eyes through, including glossy white skin like porcelain, jade fingers or small and elongated, like the first women descended.

Obviously the other lady you feel amazed face of your hearts eyes Vi. His pair of delicate, perking up haughtily, soft cherry lips, hands not big nor small, flexible both eyes as smooth as other countries, have been pouring into the beautiful little ingenuity, making the It is ignorance. For a commoner daughter of that said, this was a rare treasure.

She smiled the other Princess said: "I also thought that college was the most beautiful pipe, no one can compare, unbelievably today back to me to see a female fairies descended. "

Vi eyes of your identity unknown" sister, "this could not blunt, can only smile shyly.

she remembered lady of something then, waving hands, some decent progress in tandem finished, she distribution deal: "Hurry go prepare some rice soup, di nãi front nãi (di: the primary form of address postcards) hungry all day and, more prepared little gruel for breakfast, do not need much greasy food. Hei Contact, you come prepared with warm water, a little while, your mail server servant bathing dressing. "

We dentist busy completing command heard back out.

After that lady turned to Mat Su Vi said, "I called Nghi Nguyen Chi, is the concubine, later she just call my name is! we can not call her Khue list?"

another reason to confess Khue coral list, Nghi Nguyen Chi think will not mind.

In the majority of modern methodical clan, sub concubine low status, ethical that said, even the young lady was the wife probably all mail of them, like native mobile Chu Chi Nghi Nguyen slash in front of other people have to call his daughter as "Lady", claiming "Noah spleen."

Vi eyes, the more needless to say, even whether she's a subtle shift Nghi Nguyen Chi, but no status called "Two pipe". For the young master, in which said material consumption, higher pipe, dual pipe can only call single polity of ca ca.

Although married to the wealthy, but the condition of his eyes are not equal when Vi is female population, in the noble eyes, small business card like slave property.

in fact for regulated Vi eyes big family do not know anything, before she had a few days prices Bowl era began shifting learn a lot etiquette, although she could not understand why his mother knew so many things, but always shifting Bowl era claiming to be an orphan, came to his background, did not say a word.

eyes Vi still a little careful answer Nghi Nguyen Chi: "I called eyes vi."

"Mat vi? is the word in question vi Van Thien most marginal vein of star dust?" Nghi Nguyen Chi surprise.

'' Yes, filed filed named Mat Van. "

" The command respect very elegant name. "Nghi Nguyen Chi appreciation, feeling a bit amazed, she said that the name of the capital of civilians normally are quite open that!

Mat Vi, Miyun, it's not like the name of a normal person.

"the book is due to hull form, people have to know a few words." Bowl Mat Vi said.

"so she said letters not? "Nghi Nguyen Chi also interested.

Nghi Nguyen Chi does not get much traffic you prophet, see his eyes very hard Vi, the same age, if interested or get along better.

" '' Words basically, I know a little. "

" it's good too! Later we'll talk more. "Nghi Nguyen Chi cheerful smile, then suddenly thought of what, in the eyes show up a bit jokingly, asked:" Mat Vi, she had read the book, do not know have you ever read a very old story interesting? About girls instead ca ca page fifths prevention and detection results are also boat from counterfeiting, as filed filed five sections of pipe jewelery death ..... married to random errors. . . . . . Mandarin ducks confused. "

Vi eyes blankly for a moment, being aware of his new college Originally joking lady.

She cry smile, beginning to feel Nghi Nguyen Chi very lady style Khue, liver large one doubts the raid so?

Moi met, she did not say opponents are somewhat feverishly fun, but to silence a smile.

Luckily this time they eat up belly decent finish, two salty two an empty cup vegetarian soup, rice, glutinous rice is also normal, not all foods are usually used voluntarily.

Body parts are often lower postcards, indeed, as can be seen everywhere.

Nguyen Nghi eat with Su Chi blunt Mat Vi.

talk to several more questions, his eyes Nghi Nguyen Vi Chi newfound clarity to pride, love to laugh love to say, is a good lady, very generous and caring to know other people.

a moment ago she was not to the condition that fun, in fact because of teasing eyes Vi, so that she did not need because the wedding pulse coldly monstrous blow that upset miserable.

Dinner is done, Nghi Nguyen Chi is waiting eyes vi bath.

the night was late, red candles also decimated half.

Nguyen Nghi Mat Su Chi vi looked after as gentle wash your hearts, think of binary shift more than half a month has not coma province, in the heart sighed.

she looked quickly Vi eyes, her daughter loves this budget comes without this vulgar, sincerely hoped she would not be like their unusual fate, as hopes subtle shifts can early days turn better, let eyes Vi achieve happiness.

Nguyen Nghi Chi referred to two decent finish, were about thirteen, fourteen, a bigeye thick eyebrows, a small eyebrows, eyes new hip thin, too thin figure are, as well as the contingent balance, but can not say is bright.

Houses completed primary servant cards, the highest is only secondary, whether the form or dress, are less higher than most decent finish college.

Originally introduced Nghi Chi Vi eyes, thick eyebrows person named Hei Dao bigeye, small eyebrows, eyes new hip thin named Hei Union, the latter is completely beside her dentist, living goods what is wrong these days need her.

Finally Nghi Nguyen Chi sighed, "I have to go. Little while, will give Hei Hei Jintao and Lien led her to a rest room II ca! "

Until into the bedroom of the young binary, Mat Su Vi herself understood the young binary '' bad '' to the extent no.

Originally Qi Chi resting in bed, pale countenance, extremely small respiratory hours, if not look carefully, said some will think this is not dead.

Which mission structure is dominated by dresses Vi ' 'deceased' 'the other sleeps.

Press the other hermit said, to let the Yuan II exposed the young lady's body there, just as her bowl itself can break "Heavenly Sat lives" of the Second the young, this is the purpose of blowing your pulse.

Hei Dao, all samples were Hei Lien Trinh Nguyen home market advised several times, should definitely stripped eyes Vi then tucked under the covers of the Two young master.

for two young master though still in a coma can not do anything, and make sure the two adjacent skin.

eyes just shy just instant Vi-sightedness, but still unable to resist Hei Dao, Hei Union, stripped clean smooth tucked into the air near the Two young master, then discovered the body beneath the blanket of white and smooth the other men.

Hei Dao, Hei Contact complete the task back out, into a small room next to the night.

in the small room there have a first university Two young master's servant Hoa an, Hoa reserves, four people huddled in a central location in the room eavesdropping static, scared eyes Vi just made something.

overall, decent finish the night is just a enough, usually normal four complete turns the night. Tonight Trinh market fell in all four of the sort here, enough landlord found them very seriously this form.

Remember that modern day and age the young wife of a missing relative, also arranged two decent finish the night only.

Candle burning fiery crimson, black wooden sculptures to mid table soundless silence, feeling horror demon breath.

this type nobility bed, nightstand small box with one hundred and four screened side, above the ceiling there, there is a ladder to the bed, like a small room luxuries. Brocade drapes drooping cover, separated into a separate airspace.

The ladder is a large wooden plank to the foot of the bed, the floor a little higher. Home early age to death, or death is the older, or who are sick need care, dental completed will sleep on the stairs, the means for an errand.

Before pulsed blowing, dental completed the night of the Two young master this usually sleep in, rather sleep outside.

Now, in this tiny patch of sky only Vi and bridegroom eyes still unconscious.

Paint his face because police could not help worrying nestled inward bed large, trying to snuggle, but still did not stop the voice chattering teeth colliding.

South's side did not move, breathing very small voice.

Obviously it was very hot, but why she felt chill.

Obviously it fun day, night flowers prevention so romantic, she quietly wiped tears again failed to stop.

We should not shed tears. . . . . . hu hu. . . . . . I want a husband loves her, smile and say I care about. . . . . . hu hu. . . . . . Jade Emperor, Emperor slash slash. . . . . . Tathagata Buddha, the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. . . . . . whether anyone is, please make wake up her husband. . . . . . I will burn incense to Buddha lifelong profession. . . . . . hu hu. . . . . . I do not want to widows. . . . . . hu hu. . . . . I hate the young aristocrat. . . . . . hu hu. . . . .

The light through the curtains, silk screening on screen, glare becomes a lot less, so, his eyes still contained within the first micro stock draw in the rim bed, he could not stretch my legs, not discovered temple men beside her was twitching.

outside crunch willows, as late night.

Vi quietly weeping eyes briefly and softly murmured a moment and pray for a while, ultimately sleepy.

After her sleep, turned one, her body warm jade soft as instant automatically enters the wide arch of men's thick chest side. Because in the dream she was holding a beast, so also actively embrace his arm, a leg elongated legs hung in the middle of the other men =)))))))).

A pair naked male and female bodies, intimate skin to skin contact, sometimes even motionless eyes Vi feet, ultimately between the legs of desire someone unbearable annoyance marched quietly, indignation rose march martial strutting. =)))))

After midnight, men's eyes slowly opened deep down, he leaned softly, rated beauty soft sweet girl was lying on his chest sleeping.

Under the lights look fine workers, have felt panic, a beauty vibes.

Enjoy face incredibly beautiful girl in the chest, the body reacted to the soft inside, who since age fourteen into combat, suicide and kill the enemy troops liinh, based on their own merits, eighteen were seated emperor mouth style '' army Lt. Gen. station '', at this moment suddenly to feel the existence of himself has a different meaning, a better idea.      a copper skin his men safe, always regarded as the battlefield, this moment, was because a slender daughter of the heart the mind active.

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